A going concern

Imagine running a business with one hand tied behind your back, to the point that the financial viability of the business is under threat. Now imagine that the business is a GP practice and that [read more]

Specialist knowledge

Q. What signs are there currently that the practice manager (PM) role is becoming more specialised? A. I’ve been involved in recruitment at several practices recently where each practice has been looking for something different [read more]

Model behaviour

The new care models programme has been working with vanguards across the country to develop new models of care that can address some of the challenges facing our health system. In primary care, which is [read more]

CCGs warn of diminished funding value

Credit: This story was first seen on On Medica NHS clinical commissioners have warned that rising inflation, along with a growing population, means that while on paper the funds allocated to CCGs are going up, [read more]

Merger of GP surgeries collapses

Credit: This story was first seen on the Plymouth Herald The planned merger of two of Plymouth’s largest GP surgeries has reportedly collapsed due to staffing issues, the Plymouth Herald reports. Beacon Medical Group and [read more]

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