All for one and one for all

Repeated studies have shown that a key aspect of employee engagement and retention is employees feeling they are growing and developing. If employees are able to link their personal and professional growth to the organization, [read more]

The commissioner’s office

This article was originally published by the NHS Leadership Academy As healthcare moves towards a focus on wellbeing for citizens clinical commissioning is becoming increasingly critical. When considering the procurement of services from NHS partner [read more]

Authentic leadership

When you look at how you operate at work would you describe yourself as a manager or as a leader? If you run a small practice or team you might well say, ‘I’m both’.  You [read more]

The evolving role of the practice manager

Jess Pike speaks to National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) chair Professor Mayur Lakhani about the challenges facing primary care and why he thinks further leadership training for practice managers will play a key part [read more]