Practice makes permanent

Glenn Michibata, a three-time all-American who played professional tennis for 10 years, spent 12 years as head coach of men’s tennis at Princeton. When we asked him how much time his players had to practice [read more]

Collaboration with a common purpose

 The early phase of NHS Collaborate has been a journey of discovery for all those involved and is providing deep foundations for a self-sustaining and energetic ‘community of purpose’ committed to a fresh approach to leadership development [read more]

Specialist knowledge

Q. What signs are there currently that the practice manager (PM) role is becoming more specialised? A. I’ve been involved in recruitment at several practices recently where each practice has been looking for something different [read more]

Build it and they will come

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future.” What a fantastic quote. It’s from the educator Eric Hoffer and it is so applicable in today’s fast-moving business environment because, [read more]

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