Positioning yourself for success

10th November 2017

The role of the practice manager is integral. Facing a diverse and continually developing range of responsibilities – from finance and recruitment to leadership development, premises and ICT – how can you ensure that your [read more]

Positive leaders create united and connected teams

27th October 2017

Michael Jordan – basketball player extraordinaire – once said, ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships’. While practice management and leadership is a very different game, this mantra holds true. In the following edited [read more]

Leadership: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

13th October 2017

Developing a culture of change through leadership and management – and deploying improvement strategies throughout the practice community – requires an understanding of ‘the challenges of change’. Andrew Williams, consultant and interim leader, explores the [read more]

The martial arts of management

29th September 2017

Based on principles found in aikido – a form of Japanese martial arts – author Michael Veltri theorises that leaders and managers can transform their busy lives. In an edited extract from his new book [read more]

Leadership: team work makes the dream work

22nd September 2017

What are the five most important skills that practice managers must be able to demonstrate when leading a team? TIM MARTIN explores which attributes you should be fostering and how you should be managing and [read more]

Wellbeing: Ten minutes in time saves nine

1st September 2017

Taking as little as 10 minutes out of your busy schedule each day may seem impossible but, perhaps, ten minutes can, in time, save nine. Tom Evans, author of The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness, [read more]

Avoiding the big ‘B’…Burnout

25th August 2017

When a GP practice is under pressure the whole practice team feels the strain. Richard Stacey, senior medicolegal adviser at Medical Protection, speaks to some practice managers about the key causes of burnout and looks [read more]

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