Specialist knowledge

Q. What signs are there currently that the practice manager (PM) role is becoming more specialised? A. I’ve been involved in recruitment at several practices recently where each practice has been looking for something different [read more]

Patient matters

PPGs have, for some time, been a key formal mechanism for gathering feedback into general practice; since 2015 the GP contract has included a requirement to have a PPG. However, there are no prescriptive requirements [read more]

Model behaviour

The new care models programme has been working with vanguards across the country to develop new models of care that can address some of the challenges facing our health system. In primary care, which is [read more]

Managing rural practices without GPs

Everyone is aware that we have a major issue with GP recruitment in the UK, but there is significant variation across the country. Some areas seem to be fairly well-staffed whilst others struggle to find [read more]

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