Four in 10 European doctors consider leaving UK, survey reveals

The BMA says the future of UK health care is at risk as a survey reveals that more than four in 10... More

Scientists say eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables to avoid early death

Five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is good for you, but 10 is much better and could prevent up to... More

Closure risk for special measures GP practice after fifth ‘inadequate’ CQC rating

A GP practice in east London has been warned to improve the quality of its care within three months or it... More

Retired GP who abused six-year-old girl begins four-year jail sentence

A 95-year-old retired GP described as a 'pillar of the community' has been jailed for four years after... More

GPs poorly informed about degenerative eye disease, BMJ survey suggests

Patients with macular degeneration are not getting the help and support they need from their GPs to manage... More

MP steps in over closure of GP practice as patient protests mount

MP Lilian Greenwood has expressed concerns about how the closure of a GP practice has been handled by... More

New RCGP service to offer extra help to struggling GP surgeries

An innovative team of experts has been set up to help GP practices who are struggling in the face of... More

Almost 12,000 patients affected by GP closures in last five years

Seven GP practices have closed in Nottingham over the past five years, forcing more than 11,750 patients... More

Smokers trying to quit hit by postcode lottery as GPs ration help

Smokers in England wanting to quit face a postcode lottery as cash-strapped councils and GPs restrict... More

Nurses to take on more than a quarter of GP appointments in South West England

Nurses and other health professionals in South West England will conduct more than a quarter of GP... More


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