How every one of us can help our NHS

23rd October 2018

Your NHS needs you! The NHS is under pressure – it is one of our nation’s treasures and yet it is under threat and something needs to change. Sir Robert Francis, chair of Healthwatch, suggests [read more]

NHS denies flu vaccine shortage

23rd October 2018

Stories have been circulating about patients being unable to acquire the new flu vaccine, but the NHS denies that there is a shortage, according to The Guardian While there have been reports across the country [read more]

NHS to eliminate ethnicity pay gap

23rd October 2018

The NHS has pledged to close the wage gape between black and Asian minority ethnic (BAME) NHS workers and their white counterparts The government has announced a new to goal to eliminate the ethnicity pay [read more]

Essex faces GP and nurse crisis

22nd October 2018

Essex is facing a workforce crisis, as some of the worst-hit areas are operating with just over 40 GPs per 100,000 patients and with high numbers of nurses and GPs planning to retire by 2020, [read more]

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